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Our Cooperative

According to a recent report from the International Cooperative Alliance, twelve of the top 30 cooperatives are associated with financial services. With nearly 37% total market share and nine  of the top 12 superannuation funds, Australian Industry Super Funds is one of the best examples of how cooperative models can leverage their collective business to achieve great outcomes for their members. 
Like all cooperative models, The Fund Alliance uses the quantity and quality of our member managers to source services and tools that are otherwise unavailable due to potential market limitations or their price point. 
It’s not just about the acquisition of services but also ensuring that service providers are accountable for their performance. In addition to the benefits for our members, service providers access scale much faster and delivery costs are optimised via our collaborative model. 

How it works

The Fund Alliance works closely with the Funds Management industry to meet the opportunities challenges they face with changing regulation and technology:

  • Leverage our membership scale to source the best value for money solution(s) available across the funds management value chain

  • Share the learnings from members to continue to enhance our compliance frameworks while keeping costs at a manageable level 

  • At the direction of the member firms, search for and test new and emerging technologies  

  • While protecting each member firm’s individual value proposition, identify the fundamental requirements for a best practice environment and link up with providers to create a panel short list or service partners

  • Leverage the total FUM of our members firms, and The Fund Alliance way to make existing providers more accountable

The Benefits of Ownership

  • Our business structure confers 50% of all economic outcomes flowing back to our members

  • 50% of the business is owned by the members with matching board representation

  • Members access the skills and experience of management at a fraction the cost via the annual subscription fee

  • Additional income drives costs downwards and creates additional value for all members 

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