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The Fund Alliance
Managed Service Cooperative for Managed Funds

Superannuation, KiwiSaver and Managed Funds Services

At The Fund Alliance, we source and facilitate a range of  services essential to the function of Superannuation, KiwiSaver and Managed Funds across New Zealand and Australia. We source and oversee Fund Administration, Unit Registry (Transfer Agency), Custodial Services, AML and associated digital services to assure the effective, secure and efficient delivery of your services to your funds and your customers.

Our aim is to ensure unit holder administration, transaction processing, client reporting, safekeeping, valuations, asset servicing and statutory reporting
are delivered seamlessly.​

Data Services

We understand the importance of data-driven solutions, and that's why we include access to a range of services to accelerate data processing and analysis.

We source and oversee Software and Technology services for your business. The Fund Alliance understand the importance of digital and data-driven solutions for business process efficiency and meet client expectations in the rapidly expanding world of innovation and technology disruption. We work with our members and help them source a range of services to accelerate data processing , data analysis and digital experience.

  • Data Services, including data management, data transfer

  • Digital systems, including user experience, digital apps, digital advice, AML/KYC and digital marketing and cyber risk management,

  • Public and Private Cloud, including, SaaS, PaaS, BPaaS and AI

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Services

Propelled by the likes of climate change, the ESG (environment, social and governance) framework has become increasingly popular in assessing a company’s suitability as an investment. Many governments around the world have now mandated that ESG be a core part of the selection process.  

Indeed, ESG has taken over discussions in executive suites and boardrooms around the globe, promising corporate results as diverse as improved financial performance and increased customer loyalty. 

In New Zealand, fund managers and KiwiSaver providers with more than NZD1B in funds under management will need to comply with reporting obligations under the Financial Sector (Climate-related Disclosures and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2021 from April 2024. 

In Australia, the Australian Treasury has issued guidance that climate related disclosures will be mandatory for the 2024-25 reporting period. 

CRD is a prime example of how member managers of the Fund Alliance leverage our collective scale to access local and global expertise to create a consistent approach to governance, strategy, risk management and metrics.  

Governance, Risk & Compliance Services

Our team has extensive experience working across the New Zealand and Australian financial services jurisdictions. This gives is a deep appreciation for the issues our members and providers encounter today and in the future. We work with our members to create a consistent platform that enables our members to satisfy their regulatory and compliance obligations. This includes ERM, Reg Tech, ESG tools and data governance.

Our Advantages

At The Fund Alliance, we work closely with your existing ecosystem to seamlessly integrate with your services.

We ensure that solutions we source work harmoniously with your existing systems to provide a seamless experience.

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