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Our Vision

At The Fund Alliance, we help our members be the best they can be by making the best global services available at the best possible price. We realise this through:

  • our collaborative approach to all aspects of what we do

  • equity participation that ensures we all share in the success we create together

We are driven by our passion to positively impact the financial services industry by always striving to be better​

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Our Goal

The Fund Alliance is a sophisticated buyers' group of services for Fund Managers and Superannuation and KiwiSaver providers that:

  • Achieve and share the benefits of scale for all stakeholders

  • Provide assurance that all outsourced products and services protect and grow the wealth of Kiwis & Aussies in accordance with regulatory guidelines

  • Make best practice tools available to help member firms fulfill their regulatory obligations  

  • Assure delivery of the innovation agenda for Superannuation, KiwiSaver providers and Fund Manager members through "state of the art" technologies and capabilities that are otherwise unavailable without scale

  • Give Superannuation, KiwiSaver providers and Fund Managers a bigger voice in their dealings with all providers.

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