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Introducing - The Fund Alliance

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Hi everyone. After 25 years working in financial services in various C-suite, board and strategic consulting roles in Australia and New Zealand I am excited to have launched a new business – The Fund Alliance.

The Fund Alliance is an entrepreneurial buyers’ group that serves the interests of fund managers  in New Zealand and Australia. In a nutshell, The Fund Alliance leverages its membership scale to source the best value-for-money solutions for fund managers across the entire fund administration value chain.

We also provide consulting services to service providers to help them prepare to enter the Australian and New Zealand markets and better serve our members.

Part of my rationale for launching The Fund Alliance is my belief in the importance of competition and choice in improving the outcomes for end customers.  There are countless examples where a lack of competition results in poorer outcomes for customers. Achieving these better outcomes in the current regulatory environment, and  winning  and retaining clients, requires scale.

Finding scale can be elusive, but in my experience, it is more achievable through cooperation.  

By “Bringing the best together” via our cooperative model we are leveraging the quality and quantity of member managers within the alliance to source the best services from global providers that would be otherwise too expensive to source individually. Global service providers can then access markets more efficiently to achieve and share scale via our model.

Fifty per cent of The Fund Alliance is owned by our members. This means that at least half of economic outcomes we achieve flow back to our members. This means we all share in the success we achieve together.

We have created four categories of solutions

•        Fund Administration (including Unit Registry and Member Administration)

•        Custody and Fund Accounting

•        Professional services in relation to Regulation and Compliance (including Climate-Related Disclosures, ESG tools and reports, data governance & risk controls)

•        Data Services (including digital marketing, cyber risk management, Open Banking, Cloud and AI)

It’s early days but we are very pleased with the initial interest and support we have received.  I would be very grateful for any feedback you can provide to help us to make it even better.

Thanks again and warm regards,


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